Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II


Research Showcase

Session I – Earthquake Engineering

Giovanni Fabbrocino: The Shaking Tables System

Claudio Satriano: The Campanian Earthquake Early Warning Project

Iunio Iervolino: Real-Time Loss Assessment in Hybrid Early Warning Systems

Giuseppe Maddaloni: EC8 Compliant Record Sets for Seismic Structural Analysis

Gennaro Magliulo: Seismic Response of Buildings

Verderame/Iervolino: Seismic Risk Assessment of Existing RC Buildings Classes

Fatemeh Jalayer: Uncertainty Analysis in Seismic Safety Assessment of RC Structures

Maria Polese: Cumulative Damage and Equivalent Ductility

Marco Di Ludovico: Innovative Materials and Seismic Retrofitting of RC Structures

Nicola Caterino: Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis in Seismic Retrofitting Projects

Fiorenzo De Cicco: Constitutive Behavior of Smooth Steel Bars

Giovanni Fabbrocino: Structural Monitoring of the Federico II School of Engineering

Antonio Dicarluccio: Seismic Safety of Oil Storage Facilities

Session II – Advanced Materials

Andrea Prota: Advances in Composites for Construction

Gianpiero Lignola: Composites Retrofitting of Hollow Bridge Piles

Francesca Ceroni: Protection of Monumental Structures via Innovative Materials

Raffaello Fico: CNR 200 – The new Italian Code for Composites in Constructions

Domenico Asprone: Blast Resistance of Structures

Edoardo Fusco: Composites in Marine and Railway Applications

Luigi di Sarno: Composite Structures in Seismic Regions